Toughest Degrees Worldwide: Top 10 Most Challenging Fields of Study

You might have heard that medicine, mathematics, and physics are the most challenging degrees, as said by friends and family. However, a closer examination of each degree often suggests that they might not be the most difficult ones globally.

Aerospace Engineering

Learning about math like calculus, trigonometry, and algebra is important to become an aerospace engineer. The University of Bristol needs strong grades in math and science for admission.

Biomedical Engineering

This field combines engineering with health to create things like pacemakers and organs. These devices must work perfectly because they're crucial for people's lives.


Studying law involves a lot of reading and understanding complex legal rules. It covers topics like criminal law and the Constitution that affect our lives.

Chartered Accountancy

Becoming a chartered accountant requires studying accounting for a few years and getting additional training. It's a long process.


Architecture is more than just drawing plans. You need math skills like geometry and trigonometry to plan dimensions. The workload can be heavy.


Medical school teaches about medicines, diseases, and how to care for patients. It takes many years of training to become a doctor.


Nursing requires practical skills and knowledge about health. You also need to work well with many different people.


Dentists learn how to prevent, detect, and treat oral diseases. They study anatomy, diseases, and more.


Studying the human mind is complex. Psychology covers biology, social aspects, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

Courses about artificial intelligence teach how to create AI systems. This includes designing and using AI in specific areas.