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Upgrade Your Wallet with RBI's e₹-R: The Retail Digital Rupee is Now Available

Retail e-rupee live now

The retail pilot of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) digital currency has gone live on

What is it?

RBI describes Digital Rupee (e₹) as the legal tender issued by a central bank in a digital form.

Four banks

State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank and IDFC First Bank have participated in the pilot launch.


The e₹-R is not comparable to the private virtual currencies like cryptocurrencies. Here are the perks.

Lowers cost

The e₹-R lowers the cost of issuance of money and transactions.

Freely convertible

The e₹-R is freely convertible against cash, unlike cryptocurrencies.

Available for all

Potentially everyone, including private sector, non-financial consumers and businesses will be able to use retail digital rupee.

No bank account

Holders of retail digital rupee need not have a bank account.


The retail digital rupee is accepted as a medium of payment or legal tender.