Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

Bhadla Solar Park, India

2,245 MW

This is the world's largest solar power plant, covering 14,000 acres in total. The park would thrive in the dry climate of the area, where temperatures range from 46 to 48 degrees Celsius on average.

Huanghe Hydropower Solar Park, China

2,200 MW

It is the second largest solar site in the world and is in the remote Qinghai province. It was constructed in five stages and was intended to power the country's extreme northwestern regions.

Pavagada Solar Park, India

2,050 MW

This plant, which is in Karnataka's Tumkur district, covers 13,000 acres. was installed toward the end of 2019. The plant's location was chosen due to its low population and low rainfall.

Benban Solar Park, Egypt

1,650 MW

Benban is home to a power complex with 41 solar plants that can be seen from space. The state-owned NREA was in charge of the project. Power purchase agreements with a 25-year term will be used to sell the plant's electricity to the EETC.

Tengger Desert Solar Park, China

1,547 MW

It is said to power over 6,00,000 homes, and it is also known as the Great Wall of Solar. The Zhongwei Power Supply Company and China National Grid own the facility, which spans 1200 kilometers through the desert.

Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Power Plant, UAE

1,177 MW

This solar power plant, which is in Sweihan, is said to be the largest one-site solar power plant in the world. The facility is anticipated to offset 7 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually and produce enough electricity to power approximately 195,000 homes.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, UAE

1,013 MW

The emirate's largest renewable energy project, with an ambitious target of generating 1 GW of electricity from sunlight. Additionally, the plant has been seamlessly integrated into the electricity grid of the emirate.

Kurnool Solar Park, India

1,000 MW

This park has over four million 315 W solar panels and covers 5,683.22 acres. On sunny days, the site is said to generate more than eight million kWh of electricity, enough to supply the entire Kurnool district.

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