Saving the Planet, One Invention at a Time: The Most Brilliant Eco-Friendly Innovations from India

Plastic Roads

conceived in 2001 by Rajagopalan Vasudevan, a recipient of the Padma Shri. The road is eco-friendly because it is made of an asphalt mix that includes plastic waste. This new development stops water from percolating, reduces potholes, and extends the lifespan of roads.

Edible Cutlery

Narayana Peesapaty, the founder of Bakey, developed edible cutlery to cut down on the use of plastic cutlery. They are made with rice, wheat, salt, and millets mixed together. The spoons are extremely long-lasting and have a three-year shelf life!

Portable Biogas Plant

developed by an Indian Navy officer and civil engineer named Rajagopalan Nair. The biogas plant can be used to handle wet waste that comes from homes or businesses. After that, the waste is made into byproducts like cooking gas and liquid manure.

Low-Cost Wind Turbines

conceived by Kerala-based businessmen Anoop and Arun George. This eco-turbine has the capacity to power a whole house for a lifetime with its abundant supply of electricity! It has multiple blades that can produce 5kWH/kW per day and is the same size as a ceiling fan.

Ocean Cleaning Ship

Haaziq Kazi, a Pune 12-year-old, invented the ship ERVIS, which removes plastic waste from water bodies. Additionally, the ship is able to separate the waste by size before pumping the filtered water back into the oceans without causing harm to marine life.

Solar Power Tree

a one-of-a-kind system designed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute in West Bengal to conserve energy. Photovoltaic panels mounted on steel branches make up the tree. Five homes could be lit up with the invention!

Ulta Chaata Harvester

This invention by entrepreneurs Priya and Samit Choksi is designed to collect rainwater and generate renewable energy and is shaped like an upside-down umbrella. After going through a five-step filtration process, it can also produce drinking water.

Solar Water Wall

Sahashranshu Maurya and Somrup Chakraborty from IIT Kharagpur came up with this alternative to ACs. A water tank is surrounded by a cooling system on the passive solar water wall. It is built into a wall and allows water and air to interact, absorbing heat and rapidly cooling the room.

Fertiliser From Flowers

Phool, a company based in Kanpur, recycles floral waste into organic fertilizers and incense sticks through flower cycling. The Ganga River is not being polluted by 7600 kilograms of waste or 97 kilograms of toxic chemicals thanks to this new technology.