8 Wars That Happened For Strange Reasons

The Pig War

The United States Army and the British Royal Navy were at odds for 13 years during the Pig War. An American settler killed a British pig in 1859 on San Juan Island, which was claimed by both nations. However, there were never any armed conflicts or human casualties.

Soccer War

If El Salvador and Honduras nationalists had lost three soccer qualifying matches in 1969, they might have started a war. However, losing a soccer match might have led to minor conflicts. However, severe economic and demographic issues between the two were the real cause of the war.

The Great Emu War

This was a war between humans and birds, not the usual wars. The Australian military's attempt to reduce the emu population in Western Australia in 1932 was known as the Great Emu War. However, the emus defeated the humans to win!

The war over Bird Droppings

Between 1873 and 1883, Bolivia and Chile engaged in war over bird droppings. Even though it might sound absurd now, the 19th century's deadliest war was actually caused by the use of bird excrement to make gunpowder.

The Pastry War

Mexico and France engaged in a brief conflict known as the Pastry War. The French pastry chef who lived near Mexico City claimed that some Mexican army officers had vandalized his restaurant, earning the name that led to the war.

The Kettle War

October 8, 1784 marked the beginning of the Kettle War. The Roman Empire and the Republic of the Seven Netherlands engaged in a military conflict at the time. Because the one and only shot fired hit a soup kettle on deck, the war got its name.

Fighting The Sea

The third Roman emperor Caligula led military crusades to the English Channel but came up short. Caligula ordered his soldiers to whip the waves and declared war on the mythical sea god Neptune because it was unacceptable to return to Rome without a victory.

The War Of The Stray Dog

In 1925, the Greek–Bulgarian crisis known as the War of the Stray Dog resulted in Greece's brief invasion of Bulgaria near the border town of Petrich after Bulgarian soldiers killed a Greek captain and a stray dog.