Discover the Inspiring Stories of 10 Fearless Warrior Queens Who Ruled with Grace and Power

By Anurag Kataria



Kingdom: Mercia England) Years in power: 911-918

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Æthelflæd ruled Mercia in the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex with her elderly husband. She protected her empire from Viking, Danish, and Irish raiders by adding military strategies and infrastructure.


Kingdom: Zazzau (Nigeria) Years in power: 1576-1610

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The first step in Queen Amina's preparation to rule Nigeria was to acquire knowledge of military affairs at a young age. She then conquered large areas and surrounded them with sturdy earthen walls, winning numerous battles. "Amina's walls," also known as "ganuwar Amina," are credited to her.

Artemisia I

Kingdom: Caria (Turkey) Years in power: Circa 480 B.C

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Queen Artemisia I supported the Persian king during Xerxes's attempt to conquer Greece. She continued to provide Xerxes with advice even though the Persian fleet was defeated.

Isabella I

Kingdom: Castile and Aragon (Spain) Years in power: 1474-1504

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Queen Isabella I of Castile helped bring Spain together by marrying Ferdinand II of Aragon. She was in favor of Christopher Columbus's travels. Additionally, she was in charge of the Alhambra Decree, which expelled Jews from the nation. Ended the year 1400, took back Spain from the Moors.

Rani Lakshmibai

Kingdom: Jhansi, northern India Years in power: 1843-1858

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Lakshmibai was Jhansi's queen at the time. She fought on even after her forces were defeated to defend the city from British invaders. In the end, she was killed in combat.


Kingdom: Illyria (Western Balkans) Years in power: 231-227 B.C.

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Queen Teuta attacked Sicily and the Greek colonies along the coast with the help of the Illyrian navy. But Teuta was defeated in 228 B.C. when Rome sent a large fleet to the eastern Adriatic coast because she was fighting Rome.

Trưng Trắc

Kingdom: Vietnam Years in power: 40-43

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In Vietnam's history, Trng Trc was the first and only queen regnant. She was also the first woman to rule the country. The Trung Sisters, also spelled Trng Trc and Trng Nh, revolted against the Chinese Han Dynasty occupiers of their homeland and forced them to flee. 65 northern citadels were under their control within a year.

Septimia Zenobia

Kingdom: Palmyrene Empire (Syria) Years in power: 260-272

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Odaenathus of Palmyra's widow was Zenobia. She bravely fought back against the Roman Empire and briefly gained independence for her lands and parts of Egypt. Unfortunately, Aurelian, the Roman emperor who also controlled Palmyra, took Zenobia.

Ana Nzinga

Kingdom: Mbande Ndogo and Matamba (Angola) Years in power: 1624-1663

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The military was led by Queen Ana Nzinga, who frequently opposed the Portuguese. The Portuguese slave trade in Central Africa became less intense as a result of her diplomatic abilities.

Neferneferuaten Nefertiti

Kingdom: Egypt Years in power: 1353-1336 B.C.

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Nefertiti was the queen of Ancient Egypt and Akhenaten's wife. By advocating for the worship of Aten, the one and only god, they are both credited with starting a religious revolution. She became famous for her power and beauty.